Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Paul E. Schroeder, speaking of his son Lance Cpl. Edward "Augie" Schroeder II, who was killed in Haditha, Iraq in August, 2005:

"At times like this, people say, 'He died a hero.' I know this is meant with great sincerity. We appreciate the many condolences we have received and how helpful they have been."
"People think that if they say that, somehow it makes it okay that he died," our daughter, Amanda, has said. "He was a hero before he died, not just because he went to Iraq. I was proud of him before, and being a patriot doesn't make his death okay. I'm glad he got so much respect at his funeral, but that didn't make it okay either."

"... being a hero comes from respecting your parents and all others, from helping your neighbors and strangers, from loving your spouse, your children, your neighbors and your enemies, from honesty and integrity, from knowing when to fight and when to walk away, and from understanding and respecting the differences among the people of the world."

Read the whole WaPo editorial...

Far too many of those in power lack this understanding. And far too many others may understand it, but don't care due to their political ambitions.

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