Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The trap that Democratic Presidents get drawn into

It is a historic trajedy that Democratic Presidents often get drawn into conflicts or convinced that they must further prosecute wars rather than rising to the call to be peacemakers! That is the condundrum that the Obama Administration seems to find themselves in when it comes to Afghanistan. They say they are taking a comprehensive and thorough review of what we are engaged in, yet immediately declare that withdrawal is not an option. That is a disengenious act and belies that the review is anything but complete and thorough! Is it the timidity, you can insert gutless, that conventional wisdom says we Democrats have to saber rattle, expand a futile war, and prove we are strong on Defense and Security?

Kennedy followed through on the Eisenhower/CIA plan for the Bay of Pigs, Johnson escalated the war in Vietnam to the end of his presidency, now Obama seems on the edge of a pathway bound to lead him into the quicksand of Afghanistan.

What would I suggest. Three things that are common sense. End all preferred no bid contracts to the FOC [Friends of Cheney] that are still being paid to the tune of Billions being poured down a rat hole! These bids should be offered worldwide as nations are more likely to send troops where they also have an economic interest. Solicit military support from Islamic countries such as Indonesia, and others. If tomorrow so to speak the troops assisting in stabilizing a country bowed to Mecca five times a day; an entire layer of christian/islamic conflict would be diminished. This would improve Iraq, and possibly Afghanistan. Lastly admit that this quicksand that helped topple the former USSR, was a thorn in the side of the British Raj, and is historically a no win area of the world, is not a place to kill young men and women, either American or Afghani!

Counter insurgency didn't work in Belfast where you had streets and a partially sympathetic population; and it definitely won't work where you have isolated canyons, mountains, and valleys and a non supportive population. They may fit on a timeline as primitive in their lifestyle and technology. But they sure can use RPG's, Stingers, and the all too effective AK-47's with deadly accuracy. The President of Afghanistan, who is really no more than the Mayor of Kabul, is a weak and ineffective ally with a percieved record of corruption and a possibly stolen election!

The time to get out is now and it can be orderly but not escalated. When President Clinton was involved with Kosovo, Serbia and Croatia the military actions were studied, deliberative and they ended. Of course he had General Wesley Clark, which may be another missing factor.
At the end of the Day, Obama must end this folly in Afghanistan before we prepare ourselves to welcome a new President in 2012!