Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Damned Diebold At It Again!

In a press release issued yesterday, Diebold claimed that "California Tests Find Diebold Touch-Screen Voting 100 Percent Accurate During November 2005 Election":
A report released by the California Secretary of State in early January indicates that the Diebold Election Systems touch-screen voting systems used in California proved to be 100 percent accurate during the thorough Parallel Monitoring accuracy testing conducted during the November 8, 2005 statewide election. A directive from the California Secretary of State requires Parallel Monitoring accuracy testing of all touch-screen voting systems during each election conducted within the state.
That's just hunky dory for Diebold. Except for one small problem. According to experts at VerifiedVoting.org, Parallel Monitoring accuracy testing ain't all it's cracked up to be (PDF file - scroll down to page 4, though the entire letter makes interesting reading). And Parallel Monitoring is not to be confused with parallel elections, in which citizens volunteer their time to conduct wholly transparent elections running in tandem with official elections. (More info on parallel elections can be found at Voterescue.org.)

Don't let Diebold lead the discussion in election accuarcy and reliability. We need to be the ones in control, not them.

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