Tuesday, January 03, 2006

LA Times: Voting System Results Still Out

Today's Los Angeles Times reports that "Voting System Results Still Out":
Five years after the vote-counting debacle in Florida suspended the election of a new U.S. president, California and other states are embroiled in a contentious debate over how voters should cast their ballots.

The maligned punch cards that snarled the 2000 count are all but gone. But with electronic machines under attack as unreliable and vulnerable to hackers, there is little consensus about what the new technology should look like.
Not surprisingly, the article quotes Los Angeles County's Registrar of Voters Conny McCormack, a frequent subject of criticism in these pages:
Many California counties, including Los Angeles, are in open revolt against the secretary of state's office, which they charge is arbitrarily setting and resetting standards to appease a few outspoken activists.

"This all started with paranoia over technology, even though we trust it in our banking and we trust it to fly airplanes," said Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder Conny McCormack, one of the nation's leading local elections officials. "This is about change management, and people are not managing."
Even more proof that Conny just doesn't get it. After Diebold machines have repeatedly been shown to be susceptible to hacking in independent testing (which is mentioned in the L.A. Times article), she still thinks that voting rights advocates are just being paranoid.

It's way past time for Ms. McCormack to remove her head from her nether regions.

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