Friday, January 27, 2006

Howard Dean on Today Show

Katie asks Howard "What do you think -- in 30 seconds -- the Democratic Party stand for?"

Answered in 30 seconds, yes. Obviously given considerably thought beforehand, good.
  1. American jobs that'll stay in America, using energy independence to generate those jobs.
  2. A strong national defense based on telling the truth to our citizens, our soldiers and our allies.
  3. Honesty and integrity to be restored to government.
  4. A health care system that works for everybody just like they have in 36 other countries.
  5. A strong public education system, so we can have optimism and opportunity back in America
Crooks and Liars has the whole interview video. (This exchange starts at about 3:50.)

Given the importance, we can debate the exact list and the exact wording, but getting this into a concise, understandable list is critical and welcome. So shouldn't this be prominently displayed on the main page of the DNC web site (and elsewhere)? It isn't.

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Major Barbara said...

Thanks very much, Randy. If you hadn't reprinted it here, I'd have missed it entirely!