Monday, January 16, 2006

Don't do as I do; believe the lie that I say...

It is truly preposterous that the President today said the following and expected us to believe what he said versus the havoc and damage that his administration does every day.

President Bush hailed Martin Luther King Jr. Monday as one of the greatest Americans who ever lived, but said more must be done to ensure that his dream of equality becomes a reality.

This President who allows working class men and women to die in a fruitless and tragic conflict in Iraq, and who failed when tested in response to the devastation of Katrina. This President who piles debt upon debt destroying the infrastructure that would further the dream and aspirations of Dr. King. This President who places a Black in a high profile position in his cabinet, but disenfranchises minority voters in Florida, Ohio and Michigan neighborhoods. His actions have so balkanized the American people that minority rights and desires are dashed on the shores of political expediency. He can no more expect us to believe his disengenious statements than we can deny his blatant dishonesty and illegal actions that merit being summarily impeached.