Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"That One" dismisses inpolite & rude comments from AZ Senator

I am penning this ahead of the one I was preparing;  as I just finished watching Presidential Debate II between US Senator Barack Obama, and US Senator John McCain.  To say I was angry is an understatement.  The Senator from Arizona dismissed his opponent with an off hand, over the shoulder, reference to "That One".  Why didn't he just call him "Boy" and complete the insult and dismissive tone in his voice.  That this former patriot, and hero could be so consumed in his blind ambition that he would display the kind of triumphalism last displayed in Northern Ireland against Irish Catholic Nationalist, as well as against native South African people of color by the Apartheid Regime is hateful.  What next, a crowd scene at his next townhall with white hooded and robed supporters.

To anyone who thinks that this type of dismissive and patronizing words and tone is not bigotry should ask one of the following:  a Northern Irish Catholic, a post Apartheid South African Black, a Jew from any number of communities, or a Hispanic American in the South West, or a Black American in many of our cities.  Hate speech is full of code words, shrugs, and innuendos; Senator John McCain and his running mate have got that form of speech and body language down pat!

Do not allow your better nature to be distracted by lies about Senator Obama and his beliefs.  He is a proud, patriotic, and religious American elected official who will lead our country out of its
 " dark ages " when he becomes our next President.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Haste makes waste on display in the congress this week

I listened this afternoon to the full debate over the expanded Rescue/Bail Out "Financial Markets Bill" on the floor of the United States Senate.  This bill is a pressured ponzi scheme that will repay speculators, contains too little for the working and middle class, and may make the foreign investors happy but not your fellow citizens.  

The eloquence of a Republican, Richard Shelby from Alabama; and Bernie Sanders, Independent from Vermont, spoke to the unsoundness of this hurried and now cobbled together package with an added $150 billion to the original $700 billion.  The few opposed have stood against the wind of pack mob action to pass this bill under the threat of fear, insufficient hearings, and a "chicken little" panic that the sky is falling!

When we review the votes on Monday that led to the defeat of the initial leadership legislation; you will find not only conservative Republicans, but also Blue Dog Democrats and Progressive Democrats were also opposed.  To name a few who voted No in the interests of the taxpayer:  Adam Schiff, D-CA; Dennis Kucinich, D-OH; Shiela Jackson Lee, D-TX;  Lynn Woolsey, D-CA; and Brad Sherman, D-CA.  I am proud of each of their votes and know that a more thoughtful and long term solution can be done without approving the now $850 billion boondoggle.

Senator Harry Reid has stated that this was the only way, I disagree.  I applaud Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold, Washington Senator Maria Cantwell and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for their No votes among the few.   I sadly regret that the Senate passed this legislation this evening and I hope that a majority of the House will still cast votes to defeat this on the House floor on Thursday or Friday!