Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The State of American Disarray

As I drove from working late to a dinner with friends I tuned in to the sad state of america as spun by the greatest malfactor on the world stage today. That our current resident of the white house would purport to tell us how well we are and how we are changing the world for the better is truly a lie wrapped in an enigma then wrapped in a barrel of oil to paraphrase Winston Churchill! This media curtain is more devastating then the cold war because it displays the frayed tenets of international law severed as Alexander severed the Gordian Knot with the sword of American Militarism, Cronyism, and Violations of that "outmoded principle" the Geneva Convention, if you believe our current Attorney General. We have come a long way from Robert Kennedy, and Ramsey Clark to a facist like Alberto Gonzalez!

Let's review but three of the many half truths and lies that were broadcast from the well of Congress to a fearful world. First Bush claimed credit for the millions we are donating to fight the world Aids epidemic. What he didn't say is that a great deal of that money is now going to faith based groups who are preaching abstinence; while this government refuses funding for family planning if it includes the distribution of condoms. It's a good thing that unprotected sex doesn't spread Aids; oh my God it does!

Then he discusses the two phone calls that we didn't intercept before 9/11 as justification for the illegal expansion of NSA listening that has been most impressive in it's project Echelon with it's listening posts on the British countryside, in Australia and elsewhere in the First World. How about the warnings from the Phoenix office of the FBI, shouldn't we have a major program on literacy and attentiveness for the various three letter intelligence agencies?

Now to the most hypocritical falsehood of all. This President claimed to be shrinking government by saying he had cut out of the budget many "Non Security Essential Programs". You know which programs these are. Assistance to working families, Tricare for Veterans and their dependents, staff for Labor law enforcement and Environmental Protection. Thankfully he still adminsiters through his countryclub appointees the largest expansion of government, maintaining an unbalanced budget, and making his friends rich beyond even their expectations.

This is a Liar, Criminal, and a blot on the reputation of this country. He must be impeached and that will require elected members of congress who are courageous, principled, and willing to represent the american public rather than special interests.

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