Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Road to D.C.

Carol Elaine and I are both heading out to Washington, DC to enthusiastically take part in the anti-war rally and march this weekend. Probably no access to a computer while there, but I plan to keep a journal and will post when I return next week.

I'm a little too young to have taken part in the anti-Vietnam War marches, particularly the largest one in D.C. in 1969. Or to have really understood the Vietnam situation at the time, for that matter. But when I first heard about the anti-Iraq War march, I said to myself that I had to go. So I'm going. Honestly, I'm not necessarily of the opinion (just yet) that declaring victory and leaving is the best thing to do. But I have no doubt that we were lied into this war and that invading as we did was a serious blunder. And that anything that I can do to demonstrate opposition, legally and peaceably, to our -- as I hold my nose -- leader, I'm gonna do.

This could be history in the making -- I certainly hope so -- especially since in the last few months we've seen a significant drop in support for the war and for the rest of the disingenuous and dangerous Bush agenda.

Peace to everyone.


Jim said...

I've never met you Randy, but I like ya!

I wish I was going too. I hope both of you enjoy it.

musafir said...

I envy you. Just heard on the radio that number of anti-war marchers
reached or exceeded 100,000.

The beginning of the end of Bush's war? Let's hope so.

Randy G said...

It was just AMAZING!!! Crowd estimates were all over the board, but I'm comfortable with 150-200,000. Carol has already posted her thoughts at her other site: I'll be posting my thoughts here in the next few days, as well as comments from other L.A. area activists who were also there.