Tuesday, September 20, 2005

British Rations: Not Good Enough for Katrina Survivors

Yesterday UK's The Daily Mirror reported that British rations donated to the Hurricane Katrina relief effort might go up in smoke:
"Instead tons of the badly needed Nato ration packs, the same as those eaten by British troops in Iraq, has been condemned as unfit for human consumption. And unless the bureaucratic mess is cleared up soon it could be sent for incineration.

One British aid worker last night called the move "sickening senselessness" and said furious colleagues were "spitting blood".

The food, which cost British taxpayers millions, is sitting idle in a huge warehouse after the Food and Drug Agency recalled it when it had already left to be distributed.

Scores of lorries headed back to a warehouse in Little Rock, Arkansas, to dump it at an FDA incineration plant.
Rations good enough for the soldiers of our chief ally in the Iraq war are deemed unsafe for starving Katrina survivors?

Something's not adding up here...

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