Thursday, September 01, 2005

Reasonable Quote from Bill O'Reilly? The Apocalypse Must Be Nigh.

Last night Bill O'Reilly actually said the following:
Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman should inform American oil companies not to profiteer. In fact, I think their profits should be cut back by 20 percent [How about more than 20%? - Ed.] to spare America's pain. Any oil company that does not voluntarily comply with that should be exposed.

President Bush should ask OPEC to drop the price of oil $15 a barrel tomorrow. It costs OPEC about $4 a barrel to produce and market the crude. They're getting $70 a barrel on the open market. Do the math. This is a gouge.

And finally, Americans should help the Red Cross and other legitimate charitable organizations as we did in the tsunami disaster. Also, one more thing. Hotel owners in the South should make vacancies known to the authorities and not price gouge. After all, we're not OPEC here.

Over the next few weeks, “The Factor” will do what we always do. We will watch those in power to see exactly how they help the folks hurt by Katrina. And that includes you oil company CEOs. You're on notice.
Your humble contributor had to have her hearing checked when she heard that this morning on The Stephanie Miller Show.

However, towards the end of the show, he seemed as though he's about to revert to form:
Now, tomorrow on "“The Factor”" we will continue our Katrina coverage and look at some of the people trying to politicize the situation. That is not good.
Any bets that he's going to demonize people who are bringing up Bush's culpability in the extent of the devastation?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

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