Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Congress Looking Into Iraq Exit Strategy

As reported by Tom Hayden, next week "Congress is expected to increase its gradual exploration of how to get out" of Iraq:
"Some of us set out in July to accomplish objectives: to achieve the first Congressional hearings on an exit strategy from Iraq, to instigate "people's diplomacy" with Iraqis, and to build momentum through a people's petition campaign, all before the large anti-war demonstrations planned for Sept. 24-26 in Washington DC.

We have succeeded. This is a report on the progress so far, and next steps.

Congressional debate finally has turned to an exit strategy from Iraq after an interminable period of dominance by proponents of war and occupation, as a result of the Sept. 15 hearing on withdrawal chaired by Rep. Lynn Woolsey. Twenty-nine members of Congress attended the four-hour forum, including one Republican, Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina."
It's about damn time.

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