Thursday, September 01, 2005

I wonder...

On her show this morning, Stephanie Miller read this letter from a listener:

I Wonder

I wonder how many people could have been evacuated from New Orleans had the National Guard been in place to help move them instead of being overseas in Iraq.

I wonder how many military transports could have been used to rescue people from rooftops instead of only coast guard helicopters if they weren’t all in Iraq.

I wonder how many peoples lives will be destroyed by the new anti-bankruptcy laws passed to give “relief” to credit card companies when they will not be allowed to claim this natural disaster as a means to avoid being responsible for the incredible damage and loss they have all sustained.

I wonder why faux news is spending more time reporting how the poor airline industry is going to suffer from this rather than all the newly homeless people with nowhere to go.

I wonder why the government has all the money in the world to help rebuild Iraq, but they are encouraging all of us to donate on the Red Cross since our tax money has already been spent elsewhere (after smearing the Red Cross for reporting honest prisoner abuses and torture at Abu Gharib).

I wonder since the neo-cons are so religious and believe that God is involved in everything if they would consider this God’s way of letting the “Red” states know that he is really, really pissed.

I wonder what it will take to get more Americans to demand the impeachment of our president now that there are problems causing direct suffering to innocent Americans instead of innocent Iraqi citizens based on mismanagement and complete irresponsibility.

Does anyone else wonder this stuff like I do?


Yes, Jerry. Many, many of us do. And more every day.

Thank you, Jerry!

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