Monday, March 20, 2006

Remaking the Rounds in South Dakota

South Dakota governor Mike Rounds has had a remarkably consistent approval rating ranging from 70 to 75% in the Survey USA monthly state polls between May, 2005 and February, 2006. In the March, 2006 poll -- conducted after Rounds signed the most draconian anti-abortion bill in the nation -- his approval droppped to 58%.

It's imperative that we deal in a rational manner with the difficult details, but the goal of "safe, legal and rare" abortion works for me. I'm clearly not as pro-choice, in all its iterations and ramifications, as most of my associates, but the South Dakota approach was undeniably wrong. The Bible thumpers who would go further to deny contraception, deny a safe morning after pill, deny the plain facts of science and biology that prove inconvenient for their religion represent nothing short of -- let's use a biblical term -- an abomination on our nation if left unchecked.

Apparently the South Dakota plan was the wrong thing to do politically too, even in a rather conservative state.

Take note.

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