Wednesday, March 01, 2006

And The Evidence Grows...

Good ol' Joe Lieberman. His kindly heart must be doing somersaults in his chest. Why? Because the "Democratic" senator just may be getting one sweet endorsement. From Republican congressman Chris Shays:
In an interview today with the editorial board of The Advocate of Stamford, Shays said he intends to vote for Lieberman and is encouraging a Republican endorsement of the three-term senator.
Not that he'd accept a Republican endorsement:
"Would he accept the endorsement of the Republican Party? No, he is seeking the Democratic Party nomination," said Casey Aden-Wansbury, his communication director. She said no one representing Lieberman has discussed a cross-endorsement with Republicans.
Still, I'm sure that, in his inner, inner sanctum, Joe's doing a happy happy joy joy dance. Because the Republicans like him. They really like him!

Is that an elephant in Joe's front yard? I think it just might be...

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