Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Friendliest Ghost Around

Sung to the tune of "Casper the Friendly Ghost"

Casper, the Senate minority ghost
The friendliest ghost you know!
Activists might look at him with fright,
But Republicans love him so.

He always says hello
And they’re really glad to see him.
‘Cause his convictions are so ephemeral
They can always beat him.

Most Democrats don’t understand
Why Casper won’t complain
When the GOP bankrupts the country
And flushes the Constitution down the drain.

Casper, the Democrat leadership ghost
Knows Bush is in the cellar.
And still he won’t kick up a fuss
He’s just too nice a feller.

I just don’t understand
Why he’s kind to every creature.
I guess that’s just the leadership brand
Of Casper, the see-through leader.

dedicated to the 41 Senate Democrats
so far who won't stand with Russ Feingold on censure
and to Harry Reid for his transparent leadership

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