Monday, March 13, 2006

Finally -- A Chance to Say, "Enough!"

Please, Sir, may I have more?

More spine from the "opposition" party?

Here's your chance.

According to, "Move to censure Bush will have political fallout: Democrats object as Frist tries to get Senate vote on Feingold resolution"

In other words, we haven't even had a vote, but we're doomed to go down again.

Y'know what? This is one beachhead I'd be willing for us to die on. It's better than staying in the cabana once again to watch the invasion -- which is what the Democratic leadership has done again and again. The idea that Bush can autocratically suspend any law he doesn't like strikes at the heart of the republic -- this is one we have to fight for. Don'tcha love how the story points out that it's DEMOCRATS who don't want this vote? For Pete's sake....

RIGHT NOW, call Dianne Feinstein at 310 914 7300 and Barbara Boxer at 213 894 5000 and tell them that you expect them to come out in support of Russ Feingold's Censure Motion immediately.

We don't want weeks of temperature-taking and hand-wringing. And I don't care if it's a "political stunt" by Feingold -- the charge leveled against him. It's better than being just plain stunted.

Thanks to Kevin Harrop, political action chair of the Burbank Democrats, for rightly providing the prodding on this one.

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