Monday, March 13, 2006

Democratic Hawks - Beware

One of the lovely things about living in the Los Angeles area is how solidly blue most of the city is. One of the not-so-lovely things? How several supposedly Democratic representatives are horrifyingly hawkish when it comes to the Iraq War. Including, unfortunately, my own representative to the House, Howard Berman.

Fortunately, Los Angeles area activists have decided not to take such hawkishness lying down and are standing up against three long-term incumbents with unfortunate stances on the war:
Three Congressional Democrats who have been most supportive of the Bush administration’s war in Iraq will have to explain their hawkish stances, now that challengers from their Southern California districts have filed to oppose them in the June 6 primary election.

Hoping to force a referendum on the war and its Democratic co-sponsors in the House of Representatives are educator Marci (sic) Winograd, filing against incumbent Jane Harman in the 36th District, which includes the beach cities from Venice to San Pedro; former union staffer Bob McCloskey, confronting Adam Schiff in the 29th (Pasadena-Glendale-Burbank-Alhambra); and teacher Charles Coleman Jr., opposing Howard Berman in the East San Fernando Valley’s 28th.

In the interests of full diclosure, I am acquainted with both Marcy and Charles and the chances are pretty good I'll be looking to help Marcy with her campaign, as I think, not only is she an amazing person, but she's definitely a viable candidate.

Go get 'em, Marcy, Bob and Charles!

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Gay Lannon said...

I am so proud that we have among us such great candidates such as Marcy. I would follow her anywhere she leads, as she has the vision, the smarts, the purpose to be another true blue Dem in the style of Maxine Waters, John Conyers and Barbara Boxer. Her win in the primary would send a strong message to those who think the status quo among Dems is OK with them. No more DINO's, please.
Gay Lannon
Sherman Oaks, CA