Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Michael Schiavo has formed TerriPAC, a political action committee devoted to defeating the Bible-thumping politicians who used his comatose wife as a football.

From the web site:
“The easiest thing would be to move on and let the headlines fade,” Schiavo said. “But my experience with our political leaders has opened my eyes to just how easily the private wishes of normal Americans like me and Terri can be cast aside in the destructive game of political pandering. The best way to hold them accountable is to make sure voters know where the candidates stand when they come looking for votes next November.”
This is a great move. The Christian right and their pandering politician friends will not be happy -- and even then they probably will not be -- until they control every aspect of our lives. Thanx, but no thanx. Keep your so-called "morals" and "values" to yourself. (And I should refer to them as so-called "Christians" as well.)

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