Sunday, December 11, 2005

Fox Leads the War on Christmas

As many of y'all know, good ol' Bill O'Reilly, in trying to stem what he sees as the systemic secularization of Christmas (ignoring, of course, that such secularization was started years ago by corporations, not the average liberal joe), has ferreted out a non-existent War on Christmas. In his haste to vilify those who would dare to show sensitivity to ALL religions that celebrate holidays in December, he seems to have over-looked one of the prime movers in consolidating the holidays: Fox.

Fox is the home network for the popular series, The O.C., which introduced a new holiday into pop-culture vernacular last year - Chrismukkah, a hybrid of Christmas and Hanukkah, perfect for Christian/Jewish interfaith families. It's become big enough to spawn a Chrismukkah card website and Chrismukkah menu at Loews Hotel restarants.

Maybe O'Reilly had better look to his own bosses. It may be time for him to add Fox to his possible list of companies to boycott. With luck, that'll mean he'll leave the airwaves.

The man is such a pompous, egostistical nutbag that it'll never happen, but it sure is a nice dream...

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