Thursday, December 29, 2005

The next time Tony Blair stands with George Bush remember this...

As the excerpt from today's BBC news elaborates, MI-6, the British Intelligence Agency, has been connected to abduction, torture, and collusion with a foreign government over the treatment of "suspects".
Claims that an MI6 officer took part in the abduction and torture of 28 Pakistani terror suspects in Greece must be investigated, Lib Dems say.Foreign affairs spokesman Sir Menzies Campbell called for an intelligence and security committee (ISC) inquiry.

A Greek newspaper has published the names of 15 Greek agents and one MI6 operative it says were involved. Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has told MPs that claims of UK involvement are "complete nonsense".

While Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, MP, says it is "complete nonsense"; shall we review the acts of the British government in their treatment of the Irish over twenty five years of occupation, struggle and campaigns for civil rights, non descrimatory employment, and fair housing throughout the six counties of that part of the UK that exists on the island of Ireland. There were at least three Amnesty International reports that documented the ill treatment of Irish prisoners, the use of military tribunals, called Diplock Courts, where you were denied the right to question your accursors or even have a jury trial, and let's not forget the murder of thirteen unarmed civil rights marchers in Doire [Derry] on what has been condemned worldwide as Bloody Sunday! Human Rights Watch has also detailed the abuse by the British of not only the Irish, but also racial minorities on the island that encompasses England, Wales, Scotland, and Cornwall. The major allies stand to answer numerous questions that show no moral authority, and a denigration of the human rights standards that we once championed as a government throughout the world, and our answers to date have been deficient to say the least.

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OpenDebateForum said...

I am saddened to say that I wouldn't be at all surprised if this story were true. That's how low the British government have sunk.