Thursday, December 08, 2005

Applaud, Dammit!

From Think Progress:
The Washington Post reports that, at yesterday’s speech for the Council on Foreign Relations, President Bush had trouble filling the room

Only a few hundred members showed up for the hastily organized event at a Washington hotel and empty chairs were removed from the back of the ballroom before Bush arrived.

It wasn’t for lack of effort. We were forwarded this desperate plea the Council sent out late Tuesday, asking people who were planning on coming to bring a friend:
Bush broke Council tradition by refusing to accept questions after his speech. Apparently, most people aren’t that excited about being used as a presidential prop. This may explain why Bush has preferred giving his speeches in front of military audiences, who are required to attend.
Note: John Murtha responds (video) ...

More: Dan Froomkin in WaPo reflects on the veracity of Dubya's claims...

More, more: Transcript and audio of speech...

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