Saturday, December 03, 2005

ACTION ALERT: Sign Senator Debra Bowen's Petition - Require That Diebold Voting Machines Pass the Hack Test!

From State Senator Debra Bowen:
Diebold voting machines must pass the hack test!

It's time to restore the public's trust in how our votes are counted here in California. But, if Republican Secretary of State Bruce McPherson has his way, that may not happen.

With a January 1, 2006 deadline looming, Secretary of State McPherson is considering recertification of Diebold electronic voting machines for use in California elections, even though recent studies have shown failure rates of up to 20% on some Diebold systems.

That's outrageous! The very integrity of our elections is on the line -- and the people of California deserve a thorough, rigorous testing of these Diebold voting machines before they're used in our state ever again.

Tell Secretary of State Bruce McPherson to thoroughly test the Diebold electronic voting machines before even considering using them in the next California election!
Please sign Senator Bowen's petition immediately! We need to let McPherson know, yet again, that Californian voters will not stand idly by while Diebold and similar companies attempt to hijack our elections.

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Jim said...

I recenly heard a great interview on the Bob Edwards show that illustrates how many US elections have been "hacked" in the past. Americans should not assume that our process and the ethos of our elected officials is beyond that. I signed it! Good job. :)