Saturday, February 25, 2006

The United States is holding a fire sale - no democracies need apply

  Just the other night a political coworker and ally sent out an e-mail
for a meeting and asked if there were any burning issues. In response
I wrote back that there should be firesale and the more I thought about it
the more I realized it was true. What is this burning issue you might ask?
It's is tragically simple. That issue is that this country under it's
neoconservative leadership is holding a literal firesale of all the
fundamentals of our so called democracy. What do we have for sale;
why we have an old
Constitution that is no longer used except for
denying citizens their fundamental rights under a strict constructionist
view that only finds value in the Federalist Papers. Then there is the
Bill of Rights with a few rights left intact. A relatively free press if you
allow that you are free as a corporation to own as much as you want
and that the public airways are becoming more private all of the time.
We have a concept of "liberty and justice" now enforced by an Attorney
General whose legal writing heretofore included legal reasons for not
following the Geneva Convention. His other works of legal acumen
include supporting off shore prisons that need not guarantee any rights
to it's prisoners. Now when it comes to Homeland Security, we are
selling our Ports to international concerns while postering about a
campaign against terrorism. I won't dignify it by mislabeling it a war!
In the former parlance of international law there was a concept of
"Terrorist States", that promoted such acts of violence by national policies.
When you look at this country through the eyes of the world; we sadly
qualify as such a state. Our international relations forment violence,
promote intolerance, and have created a new "Crusades". Do you
remember when this president used such a phrase to explain our actions
in Iraq. We have sadly become both those things we were accused of
back in the cold war, albeit at the time incorrectly. As Pogo, the cartoon
from the war years once said during the "red baiting" McCarthy era;
"We have met the enemy, and they are us"! We are now in many
quarters the Ugly American, and this president has become a
warmonger. Don't forget - the United States is having a Fire Sale,
and no democracies need apply.

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