Friday, February 10, 2006

Long Live Liberty Tower

Gosh, darn it! When do you think someone -- anyone -- in this administration will take an action, make a statement or address America in a way that isn't calculated to either misdirect or mislead for political gain?

Apparently never.

Glenn Greenwald has posted something well worth reading at Crooks & Liars regarding W's out-of-the-blue disclosure yesterday of how he saved our beloved Los Angeles four years ago.
Al Qaeda has a good friend in the White House

The great big mystery of the day is what caused the White House to decide yesterday to disclose the classified details of George Bush's heroic salvation
of the City of Los Angeles four years ago? People everywhere are scratching their heads in bewilderment -- why yesterday? What could possibly have caused the President to pick yesterday as the time to suddenly reveal the specifics of the diabolic plot by the terrorists to hijack an airplane into the Liberty Tower by putting bombs into their shoes? Whatever his reasons were for disclosing this information, there is no need for us to know what it is. It goes without saying that the Commander-in-Chief decided to disclose this at this time because doing so was necessary for our protection, and by questioning his motives, all we do is embolden the enemy and make terrorists attacks more likely, something to which I, for one, have no desire to contribute. So I'll just celebrate the Great Rescue along with my fellow grateful citizens. Amidst the celebrations, though, one can't help but marvel at just how ridiculous and inane these scary terrorist plots appear to be even when they are deliberately depicted so as to achieve the maximum possible scare value.

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