Thursday, February 16, 2006

stupid design

It's hard to believe that we're the ones who support evolution.

In case you were raised in Kansas, the message of evolution, in a nutshell, is this: Nature favors those who are better equipped to withstand their environment with a higher chance of survival, which means a better shot at passing on their better-adapted genetic legacy to their heirs. In principle, at least, this means that new generations, thanks in part to the contributions of their elders, are better equipped, not only to survive, but to prevail. Evolution is geared toward survival, not just of the individual, but of the individual's progeny as well.

However, when it comes to the Democratic party, evolution is only a theory. How else to explain the exile of Paul Hackett? A young, smart, upstanding outsider with the guts and experience to speak out against the war in Iraq and the charisma to sell it to the public...a Democrat for the 21st century, right? The new hope for a moribund party, right? I mean, an up-and-comer who did remarkably well last year in one of the reddest districts is surely someone that it would be in the Party's best interests to nurture and cultivate, right?

Yeah...and if the dinosaurs had just thought to put on a sweater when things got a little chilly, they'd still be around.

The lumbering, tiny-brained Democratic throwbacks who run the show don't have the capacity to recognize the worth of anyone who's too different, too direct, too much of a threat to the status quo. Lacking the killer instinct to take on their mortally wounded enemies even as they sink deeper and deeper into a morass of scandal and ineptitude, the Democratic hackosauruses prefer to destroy one of their own.

And thus the party devolves.

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