Monday, October 24, 2005

Perusing the Blogosphere

This made me laugh. A comment on a comment at The Talent Show blog:

ONE of the worst presidents ever?

I guess the Pacific Ocean must be ONE of the biggest oceans around; Jupiter must be ONE of the biggest planets; Hydrogen must be ONE of the lightest elements, etc etc

Just gettin' on your case a little bit (smiley)...

Now, once again, didn't you mean bushie is absolutely, positively, the WORST president ever, as in ALL TIME WORST??
posted by: nikto at October 20, 2005 04:24 P
For the curious among us, myself included, here's an article on presidential ranking surveys from the last 50+ years conducted chiefly among historians and political scientists. In the most recent survey (Siena Research Institute, 2002) W was ranked 23rd out of the 43 presidents. And this was before most of the shit hit the fan. (Clinton was ranked 18th, Daddy Bush 22nd, Reagan 16th. FDR 1st, Lincoln 2nd.) More personal thoughts on this later.

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