Friday, October 21, 2005

Every Breath He Takes, Every Move He Makes

Let's hear it for Ventura and San Fernando Valley grassroots activists who greeted W at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley.

The following email is from California Democratic Party staffer Todd Warden, who bedevils the governor as True Liar Arnold:

That is RD 13 Director John Heaner... in the Cheney mask and jail bird outfit (which he brought on his own, without my request)

Preminger and Rivera might have to practice their acting skills after they see the interview John did on KTLA (Nixon style)

Outstanding work and lots of free media today....KTLA, AP, KNBC, KBS, Ventura Star....and the bus holding the national press corps stopped at our light for a few minutes (they happened to have cameras in their laps)

Ventura/SF Valley Dems deserve our thanks and praise

Pictured: Michael Jay as W, John Heaner as Big Time Dick and
Jim Kennedy as Scooter Libby with his Libby Scooter. Thanks guys, and to all the other protesters!

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