Monday, October 17, 2005

Go Grannies, Go Grannies, GO GRANNIES, GO!!!

From AP:

NEW YORK - Eighteen antiwar grandmothers were arrested and face disorderly conduct charges after they showed up at a military recruiting center in Times Square and said they wanted to enlist, a protest group said.

Police arrested the women, ranging in age from 49 to 90, after they sat down Monday in front of the recruiting station to protest the war in Iraq, police said.

When the women, including Marie Runyon, who is 90 and blind, tried to enter the station, they found it locked, said Joan Wile, 74, director of Grandmothers against the War.

"We tried to ring the bell at the booth, but no one answered," Wile said. "I saw a head poke up from behind the counter every once in a while and then duck back down. I don't know what they were afraid of. Maybe they don't know how to deal with a bunch of grannies."

Grandmothers against the War joined the New York City Raging Grannies and the Gray Panthers to form a coalition called the Anti-War Grandmothers, which organized the protest. The group said about 100 people attended.

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