Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Note to Election: You're Special!!

Daily Kos posted yesterday on John McCain's California vist to shill for Schwarzenegger at a hand-selected "town hall meeting." And then McCain dissed Arnold:

Sen. John McCain joined Arnold Schwarzenegger on Monday to promote the California governor's November ballot initiatives, but afterward chided his carefully staged campaign events. (emphasis added)

The Arizona Republican senator appeared with the governor before a crowd of about 150 invited women, who cheered wildly when Schwarzenegger arrived and frequently applauded as he touted the benefits of California initiatives on budget reform, teachers, and redistricting.

As at many of Schwarzenegger's campaign events, outsiders were not allowed to attend what the governor's office called a "town hall meeting" (emphasis added)

At a subsequent news conference, McCain... said he had always favored town hall meetings open to the public...

"The benefit of an open town hall meeting is one that you get to hear a lot of different views, and two it has credibility," said McCain.

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Also, check the post for links to "NIX THE SIX" web banners at LAVoice.org (Sample:)

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