Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dateline: November, 2015.

It seems quaint now. Remember back to the record Atlantic hurricane season in 2005, when the naming convention using women's/men's names proved insufficient and the Greek alphabet was used for the first time to name subsequent storms? Due to the phenomenal increase in hurricanes every year since, in both the North and much more commonly in the South Atlantic, the Russian Cyrillic alphabet was just added to the naming sequence at an emergency meeting of the World Meteorological Organization.

The complete sequence is now: women's/men's names, Greek alphabet, Hebrew alphabet, Russian Cyrillic alphabet. The WMO also announced that, if necessary for next year, Orkhon script will be added to the naming sequence.

(Note: is the 8th letter of the Russian Cyrillic alphabet, pronounced "zheh", "zh"= the "s" in treasure.)

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Anonymous said...

And millions of now middle-aged men are sulking in their parents' basements, disappointed that their campaign to include the Klingon alphabet in the hurricane naming succession was unsuccessful.