Thursday, November 03, 2005

Plain Talk

Phil Angelides, on the Al Franken Show on Wednesday:
I really believe this 30-year assault by the right on the values of fairness and opportunity that built the wealth and strength of our country is coming to an end.

If we answer every lie they tell instantly and, more importantly, tell the truth about what they've done to the fabric of this country. And we remind people that it was fairness and opportunity and inclusion and investment that built the strongest state, the strongest nation in the history of humankind. If we stand up proudly for democratic values, giving more families chances to own homes, have decent jobs, more kids to get a good education, go to college. If we do that, we're gonna take back this country.

I don't care what lies they tell about us, they will never trump the truth.
Very nicely said. We'll develop our political strategies and play out our tactics. But let's never forget what we stand for. And let's hold everybody to it.

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