Wednesday, November 23, 2005

California Congressional Races

From Kos:
Sweet. The DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) has delivered on our request for a listing of every congressional seat and currently announced candidates. As a quick perusal will show, there are still way too many Republicans running unopposed. Check your district if you are represented by a Republican. If we have a candidate, help out however you can. If not, do whatever you can to find a candidate.

The DCCC can do a lot, but we in the netroots number millions. We know lots of people who would never register on the DCCC's radar. I'm not talking lawyers or career politicians -- we've got more than enough of those -- but teachers, firefighters, farmers, vets, etc. Real people that could be persuaded to make a run to help build clean house in DC and take power away from those utterly corrupted by it.

Collectively, let's plug every hole on that list and make sure we have a Democrat challenging in every single Republican district in 2006.
Seconded. Here's how California is shaping up (with the candidate filing deadline coming up March 10, 2006): Eight Republicans are currently running unopposed (far too many given the way the GOP has been wounded), 11 have declared Democratic challengers (including the open seat currently held by Dukester Cunningham.)

If you're waiting for an invitation, here's one to get involved. In Southern California, SoCal Grassroots' Blue House (Swing District) Group is primarily targeting a very vulnerable Dave Dreier in the 26th CD, among others.

Wherever you live, it's the Grassroots that will make the difference. Add your voice... and your sweat.

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