Sunday, August 21, 2005

First Amendment = Anti-American Bias

Today Daily Kos reports the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC - which, in this humble contributor's view, provides nothing resembling leadership or Democratic values) has painted all anti-war critics as possessing an anti-American bias. I have only one thing to ask of these so-called Democrats: since when has expressing one's fact-based opinion - granted, I might add, by that seemingly unimportant document, the U. S. Constitution in its very first amendment - become anti-American?

The truth about the manipulation of the American people by the current administration grows more and more damning every day as further lies are uncovered by people willing to put their careers, and themselves, on the line. This is not anti-American. This is not treasonous (take a gander at Rove et al. for true treason). This is as patriotic as it gets.

Too bad the DLC and its craven co-horts don't agree. Maybe someone needs to do something about the Constitution. After all, we can't have a document with such a clear anti-American bias serve as the basis of our government, now can we?