Monday, August 22, 2005

Diebold Hires Ex-DNC Leader; "Reframes" the Issues

According to Inside Bay Area in its August 20 issue, Diebold has hired ex-DNC chairman Joe Andrew to be its cheerleader for electronic voting.

History shows that Joe Andrew has long been a proponent of DREs, so it's not at all unusual that he would accept the job as a DRE mouthpiece. What is unusual is that he would throw his lot in with a company with known and documented security and operational problems, many of which have caused the decertification of Diebold machines in California by former Secretary of State Kevin Shelley and has caused current Secretary of State Bruce McPherson to reject Diebold machines less than a month ago.

Perhaps that is why California is Andrew's first stop in his 50 state tour. That and the fact that California has long been a Democratic bastion, current "governor" notwithstanding. So why not start here? If the former DNC head says DREs are good for California, then, by gum, it must be true!

Sorry, but this erstwhile contributor just isn't buying it. And she's especially not about to buy it from Diebold. Neither should California.

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