Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Bush's Priorities: Askew, As Usual

As Hurricane Katrina visits immense devastation upon three states - causing many to liken it to the 2004 Southeast Asian tsuanmi, George W. Bush shows his usual masterful grasp of important events by spending Tuesday acting like a country music star and speechifying in San Diego.

While Bush did cut his trip short (by a whole hour - wow), his day would have been better spent actually behaving like the leader of his country as soon as it became obvious that Katrina was going to be far more destructive than orginally anticipated. And since the affected states are two hours ahead of California, knowledge of Katrina's deadliness was available very early Tuesday morning.

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Well, at least Bush has a pretty new guitar to show for it. That's more than many survivors of Hurricane Katrina can claim.

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