Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Connecticut Will Not Be Left Behind

AP reports today that Connecticut has become the first state to file suit against the federal government over the No Child Left Behind Act. Way to go, Connecticut! While various groups have also filed suit against the Bush administration over the mis-named act - most notably the National Education Association - and states such as Utah and Bush's very own Texas have openly defied the act, having a state governor stand up and say, "This is an illegal act and we're not going to have our children penalized anymore," by taking the federal government to court is brave, especially in an atmosphere where anything remotely critical of Bush and his administration is considered treasonous.

The fact that the governors of all three states are Republican just makes it all the sweeter. Keep it up, fellas. Who knows, this may be the first step towards bringing some conservatives over from the Dark Side. Could Schwarzenegger and his ilk be next?

Eh, probably not.

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