Monday, June 26, 2006

Impeachment Resolutions - It's Not Just For Legislative Bodies Anymore

There has been much discussion about the ability of state legislative bodies to bring impeachment resolutions to the House of Representatives for consideration, thanks to a clause in the Jefferson manual, section 603 of the House Rules of the United States Constitution. Such resolutions are currently being looked at by California, Illinois and Vermont. Many cities across the country have also passed impeachment resolutions, using Clause 3, Rule XII, Section 819, of the Rules of the House of Representatives.

Well, cities aren't the only bodies that are using Clause 3 to pass resolutions. The librarians of Seattle are taking matters into their own hands:
These are not the stereotypical librarians of the olden days, the ones who were a bit reserved but ready with a glare for anyone talking too loudly.

Instead, the employees of the Seattle Public Library have passed a resolution through their local union calling for President Bush to resign or be impeached because of the USA Patriot Act, the Iraq war and a host of other issues.

It's a resolution that doesn't mince words, and it will be introduced at the annual conference of the American Library Association that begins today in New Orleans.

"We're always concerned about patron privacy and protecting that," said Lynn Lorenz, 38, a librarian at the Madrona-Sally Goldmark Branch who helped draft the resolution.
This is an excellent move. While it's true, as writes, that resolutions coming from individuals and groups tend to carry less weight with the House, if enough impeachment resolutions are brought to the floor, it could become an issue they can no longer ignore or dance around.

For more information regarding the "How To" of impeachments, go to And for more information regarding impeachment actions and events in California, see

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