Friday, June 16, 2006

A Profile in Courage

John Kennedy while recuperating from his back injury wrote; his greatest was of course "Profiles In Courage". In this he detailed acts of moral and political courage by members of congress. While I claim no literate connection; I will do what I can to detail a modern profile in courage.

As an Irish Catholic, I remember the tale of the boxer and the Blessed Virgin; and an Irish- American, I am proud of the tale of the Boxer as his strives for peace. As a native Californian I am equally proud of our own Boxer; Senator Barbara Boxer.

She was one of five Democratic Senators who joined in supporting John Kerry's call for a Senate Resolution to withdraw from Iraq by the end of the year! She joined Senators Harkin, Byrd, Kennedy, Feingold, and of course Kerry in voting yes. The silence of the other Senators was anything but courageous. When she stood in the well of the Senate with members of the House Congressional Black Caucus to force a congressional response she stood alone with no other senate colleagues - that was an act of courage. Time, time and again; this diminutive power house of senatorial courage has stood by her principles and made us in California very proud. She is criticized as being too liberal; that is impossible. In the 2004 election the third highest vote getter after Bush and Kerry was Boxer. The highest vote for any Senator in the history of our republic.

I hope to spend some blog time over the next months in revisiting Barbara Boxer and her courage, committment to California, our nation and our world! This will be between more strident words on the fallacies of our national administration. For now be warmed and proud of our Senator and call, write or e-mail a thank you for her continued courage.

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