Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So is it George W. Little or George W. Hoover

The current incumbent of the White House spoke to the nation tonight and tried to sell us on a last imperial grab for power to grant his Secretary of Treasury unlimited control on an economic crisis that he helped start when he was an executive in the Financial trade on Wall Street.  As he spoke and urged us to empower his faulty administration to further destroy the nations' financial infrastructure; he sounded like George W. Little [the presidential equivalent of Chicken Little]
crying that the sky was falling.  He did neglect to accept blame for helping pull down the regulatory columns that held up that financial sky that is now falling.

Why would we allow this new Ponzi Scheme coming from the desk of this POTUS is beyond me.
We need to listen to the sound judgment that cries for deliberate, judicious and thoughtful reform and not a blank check.

When you listened to his dire warnings that might well cause an obvious further erosion based on his fear mongering; it may well be that he is really George W. Hoover [reminiscent of Herbert Hoover] who watched while the Great Depression unraveled the finances of this country.

We must not allow the lame duck residents of the Cabinet under this President rush us to a judgment that may will be a self fulfilling prophecy!  Time is needed to view protections that guarantee home owners, working families, and if we bail out anyone we gain shareholder status as Senator Obama has stated and we cash out any proceeds back to the US taxpayers.

So whatever George W.'s new nom de plume; let's not elect John McBush in November.

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