Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sarah Palin and UN Speed Dating

In her first footprint on the sands of international relations; our Alaska Governor Sarah Palin exercised her one year old passport in a round of United Nations Speed dating.  Her one on ones with various National leaders not only highlighted her inexperience and lack of diplomatic sense, but also belittled her as the No. 2 on the McCain ticket.

Campbell Brown, of CNN, said it well when she had Free Palin signs as a background when she commented on the Press avoidance posture of the McCain campaign.  I can't call it the McCain-palin campaign as long as they patronize her and leave her unable to prove herself or fail on her own merits.

Dealing with others on the world stage is not a cliff notes exercise, nor a let's go out for coffee after New York UN speed dating!  

We need serious people, with a sense of the world including setting foot on foreign territory and speaking to the various citizens of the world.  Not looking across the Bering Strait and imagining the Murmansk Peninsula that cannot be seen beyond the curvature of the earth.  Honestly the world is not flat. 

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