Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How Not to Get Microwaved At Future Protests & Riots (Really)

As Katrina indicated, this government is perfectly capable of abusing its own people just as it has abused the Iraqi people. And, isn't that a truism? What a nation does to people outside its borders eventually comes home. And it is not as if this nation is a stranger to domestic oppression. Native Americans and people of color are all to aware that being born in this country is no guarantee of civil rights.
So, I'm here to warn you. One day you may be at a protest and truck will drive up with a big flat rectangular screen. At first you may wonder if it is a television sattelite truck. If that screen is flat, it is not. Start moving _away_ from the truck. Its a "Microwave" weapon. Look up ACTIVE DENIAL SYSTEMS on Google. You'll find it described in great detail in the national media.
Active Denial Systems (or Directed Energy Weapons) are already being deployed in Iraq. "A Belgian doctor who braved the war in Iraq has, in his Baghdad Diary, provided an account of a possible first military antipersonnel use of DEW. The horrible account is given of a bus containing civilians that was fired upon on 1 April 2003 in A1 Sqifal, near Hilla, from an American checkpoint. According to reports from Dr. Saad El-Fadoui, a 52-year-old surgeon who studied in Scotland and who immediately went to the site of the incident from Hilla Hospital, "the bodies were all carbonized, terribly mutilated, torn into pieces". In and around the bus he saw heads, brains and intestines. According to witnesses no one had heard the sound of an explosion and no traces of shrapnel were found on the bodies..."
The manufacturers of the ADS system say say its a non-lethal weapon. It just boils the top layer of skin all over your body. And they'll tell you is not a "microwave" weapon. It's a millimeter wave weapon. The shorter the wave, the more the damage. I wonder . . . Could there be a dial (or a hack) that lets you set the length of the wave and the power behind it?
There's a hand held model of this weapon, so in addition to tasers we may soon have "Hand Held People Friers" in the hands of soldiers, policemen, INS agents, the FBI, etc.
Some folks say metal stops the rays. Skin boils, even skin under clothes . . . but clothes don't burn. In those old SCI Fi shows everyone's always wearing shiny metal clothes. Now you know why. Actually, I'm not entirely sure light-weight metal will stop the effect. You might need a suit of armor to face down these machines.
So if LA gets a big Earthquake, and the feds fail to respond with humanitarian aid (as they did with Katrina) and National Guard (oops, they're in Iraq, so maybe we'll get federal troops instead) are sent to quell the rioting caused by hunger, thirst and despair . . . I'm telling you. Stay away from the flat paneled trucks and the hand held people friers.
PS: There's a new hand held thermobaric weapon that is also being tested in Iraq. "This is a version of the standard USMC Shoulder Mounted Assault Weapon but with a new warhead. Described as NE - "Novel Explosive"- it is a thermobaric mixture which ignites the air, producing a shockwave of unparalleled destructive power, especially against buildings." http://www.defensetech.org/archives/001944.html
This really is a brave new world . . .

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