Thursday, June 04, 2009

It's time to play hardball with an out of touch governor

We are facing budgetary hearings and negotiations in Sacramento and the elected Democratic Majority needs to express the true hardline positions of those they represent.

Let's dispose of one media lie at first. The defeat of a second set of Governor pushed initiatives in a second Special Election does not mean the further dismantling of the excellent state services we have built here in California. It means a reasonable, thoughtful analysis of majority passed fees, and looking to the boondoggle of FOA [Friends of Arnold] revenue refunds, returns and failing to impose fair taxation on Corporations and the extremely well conpensated. The burden can no longer be shunted to bonds and future liabilities, and also not laid on the backs of the middle class and working families and single adults.

Not only should these legally passed fees that can be sent to the governor with a legislative majority vote be sent; and when he vetoes any then he should be unmasked as the obstructionist that he has always been. The Governor may have a blue pencil; but the legislature has the budget proposal authority. Our Governor thought he could be mean spirited and in the most egregious partisan act cut the Lt. Governor's budget by 64%. Let's cut his budget by an equivalent amount. He is not accomplishing anything now. He wants to take the authority of the State Land's Commission to approve or deny applications for off shore oil drilling away from them. Why, because our wilted and false "green" Governor and his minions want to approve offshore drilling in Santa Barbara, would have approved offshore LNG terminals for Malibu, Santa Monica and the Northern California coast! The only thing that has stopped this is the courage and responsible votes of our Lt. Governor John Garamendi and our State Controller John Chiang who now hold the majority on that same State Land's Commission.

Lastly, when our State Board of Equalization Democratic member, Judy Chu, becomes our newest California Congresswoman; no Gubernatorial appointee that is not acceptable to the Democratic majority should be confirmed. The Governor must not be allowed to subvert the will of the voter by hoisting a non-elected Republican into that office!

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