Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gov. Rick Perry: Texas Could Secede, Leave Union

Let's say for a moment that Governor Perry is basing his comment on the fact that Texas like California both entered the union as former Independent Republics, The Lone Star and Bear Flag, and so can petition to leave. If one can step back and look at the possible benefits of trading one bit of land for another; let's presuppose the following!

Texas petitions and secedes while having to negotiate a percapita payment of their share of the now Bushed enhanced National Debt! We, the remaining United States, gain a large pay back over time

of a significant part of that debt. We have a vacant star on our fifty state flag; why not invite Puerto Rico to become a state. No change in flag required. We now have two tourist island states of Hawaii and Puerto Rico. We can move Gitmo, the Marine Base, from Cuba to Puerto Rico and still have a caribbean base with all that expense now added to our new states income.

It does have some attractive possibilities.

Thom O'Shaughnessy, California
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