Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Treaties that should be immediately reviewed for sign on

As we await the administration of President Elect Obama and Vice President Elect Biden; lets look to one area where they along with Secretary of State designee Hillary Clinton and also Secretary of Commerce designee Bill Richardson can make a great step back to rejoining the world community.

We would look to the enlarged Democratic Senate majority to seek more visionary Republican Senate votes to ratify the following Treaties.

Let's start with the Kyoto Treaty, or let's call for a renewed round for what I would call the 2009 Gore Treaty! Let's look at signing on to the World Criminal Court now that we will have a new White House that knows that the Geneva Convention, Human Rights, and a rediscovery of our own Bill of Rights is essential for the United States to reclaim our former moral standing in the world community. Two others for this blog would be the landmine treaty that we have refused to sign onto and the most recent shameful non participation of the Treaty to abolish Cluster Bombs that almost all the world ratified with the exception of our country and other war making and weapons selling nations.

That would be a noble start.

You may have asked why I listed Commerce above. The new Kyoto Treaty improvement has major international economic repercussions. So does a review of NAFTA, CAFTA, and stopping the current Columbia and other sweetheart trade agreements that neglect environmental and labor standards. We have to not allow international trade to make us again a nation that uses gunboat diplomacy in our actions with our hemispheric neighbors.

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