Sunday, May 13, 2007

Divide and Conquer

The most effective lie the Fascists running the national Republican Party have tried to foist on the nation is the idea that "the Democrats are Disorganized".

What they really mean is, the Democratic Party isn't an army.

That's for the best. Being in the "Republican Army" sucks. To be a "good Republican" these days you have to tell the world you believe invading Iraq to the tune of 500+ Billion dollars was a grand idea. You have to swear you don't think the President lied to Congress and the rest of the world about the necessity for war. You have to promise not to do anything significant about Global Warming . . . You really have to sell yourself and your family down the river to stay in that marching band.

Remember this . . . the Best Defense against an army is millions of well armed, well funded revolutionaries.

Revolutionaries don't have a "plan", they have objectives. They work in small cells to acheive those objectives. Armies hate revolutionaries because you never know where they will strike next.

Some Democrats are the "angry mob" that gather outside the the White House gates demanding Impeachment. Others fight for freedom in the courts, working hard to hold this junta accountable. Still others fight in the media to free the minds of fellow Americans . . .

The folks running the Republican Party wish they were facing an army. It would make things so much easier. Instead they just face more than a hundred million angry citizens determined to get their country back.

The next time someone says "Those Democrats are sure disorganized," smile. That's what the Red Coats always say . . .

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Randy G said...

Not a good idea to describe Democratic revolutionaries as operating in "cells." Terrorists own the word "cells". That's just the way it is, so don't try to fight it.

Your concept is viable.... you just need to use a different/better word in the future.

I like the ideas here. Take the concepts further to frame this "Republican Army" as a bad thing, i.e. authoritarianism, but something less academic sounding. (Fascist may well describe many of our esteemed Republican leaders, but it's more likely to be seen as an ad hominem attack, which diminishes its impact.)

For the Democratic frame, what's the simple benefit of our "disorganization?"