Friday, January 05, 2007

If it walks like a duck

The President of the United States is about to show us the newest version of the White House Ponzi scheme. If you accept the cards he shows you then the outcome is predetermined.

We are being told that the expected request for a "troop surge" is a short term method to contain and establish law & order in Iraq! This surge is just a newer name for the same old policy of Escalation. This is a case of renaming a bankrupt policy with a new name and a new coat of paint. If it walks like a duck, squawks like a duck, and swims in the pond like a duck - It's A Duck!

Increasing troop strength and placing more of our men & women in harm's way is Escalation.
Surge is dishonest, disingenuous, and an outright lie! One more reason for renewed congressional oversight, investigation, and when it is obvious to more of us - a call for Impeachment for High Crimes & Misdemeanors. End this new Ponzi Scheme that is murdering Americans every day in Iraq. End the Occupation of Iraq!

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