Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Marine Reservists - Not Returning Willingly

From Reuters today: Marine Corps to start involuntary troop recalls.

The most telling line from the article: "But the number of Marines volunteering outside their active-duty service requirement has been steadily declining for two years, according to Stratton, who said could not offer an explanation."

I certainly couldn't give a definite answer, as I'm not a Marine reservist, but maybe those who haven't volunteered to return aren't enamoured with the Occupation of Iraq. There is the possibility that they find it as illegal and immoral as many of us anti-war activists.

The scariest part of the article: "The Marine Corps' authority to involuntarily recall Marines for jobs in the 'Global War on Terror' -- a war whose parameters remain largely undefined -- has no expiration date.

'The authority is until GWOT is over with,' Stratton said. 'Until we're told to do otherwise, we'll use it.'"

Can the draft be far behind?

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