Monday, May 15, 2006

A tale of two Generals

As we look to a Senate confirmation and we debate the power of the military and the rule of law I am reminded of an earlier General who was President. We have had many General/Presidents since the founding of the country.

President and former five star General Dwight Eisenhower upon his leaving office warned of the acculmulated power of the Military Industrial Complex! His words seem more prophetic today as we view the blurred lines of Intelligence gathering, the DOD [Department of Defense] and a world back on the brink!

The second General is General Hayden, former head of the National Security Agency and proposed DCI [Director of Central Intelligence] to head the civilian agency of the CIA! It isn't his military rank but the fact he is one of the prime architects of the NSA wiretap programs, and also that he took to the press circuit and defended this violation of law and the administration. He is both a political cypher and a man who demonstrates the amoral face of government that leads to our abridgement of basic freedoms by our own government.

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