Thursday, December 22, 2005

Using the 'ph' word

I phinally phigured out a way to get around using the ophphending 'ph' word. Unless you're the Vice President oph the United States, who is allowed to use the 'ph' word with impunity, even on the phloor oph the Senate, one should phind a way to express the phull meaning and phorce oph the 'ph' word, especially in these phateful and phearful times, when true phreedom loving Americans try to phocus on being phaithphul to reality, phacts and truth.

Our Phounding Phathers, who phollowed the Constitution religiously (in the secular sense) would be mortiphied (not just because they're long dead) to phind out what has happened to their phine and noble great experiment. Thomas Jephpherson would be phlabbergasted, phinding out how George W. Bush, the phundalmentalist phanatic, has phucked up our nation, the Bill of Rights and his beloved Constitution. Actually, Jephpherson is better off dead, then seeing how a phear mongering phool, in a very short period of time, could destroy his dream and our nation phor decades to come.

To phrase it bluntly, phollow the 'ph' word and you'll phind the phickle phinger of phate that phucked us "Big Time."

Phaithfully yours,

Jerry Drucker

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Bryon Rogers said...

That's a great post.